Zonal Needs provides preventive and breakdown maintenance services across Kochi. Zonal Needs gives customers the confidence in knowing that the service provided is of the highest quality at an affordable cost.


Not enough time in the day to clean your home ? Never seem to be able to keep up? We have a team of professional house cleaning staff who will make your place look awesome Our cleaning services include :
  • Vacuuming floors, tiles, rugs, furniture,fans,light fittings
  • Mopping floors and bathroom areas
  • Disinfection kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces
  • Cleaning windows and glass doors
  • Cleaning cooking burner
Kids, Pets, Friends all make a tidy home a challenge. This constant chore can be a real drain on your everyday life We will come and inspect your place ,discuss your requirements and then provide a quote based on how many hours and how many days of cleaning are required for the work


Is your A/C not cooling your home? Has your thermostat broken or is the fan making strange noises? Give us a call; we can have a skilled technician at your home to fix your air conditioning in an instant.

AC Maintenance & Repair :

It’s always essential to protect your Air Conditioning system to avoid unnecessary AC Repairs, especially during the hot summer season in Kerala .

Having an AC Maintenance contract in place at your home can prevent you from facing such issues. Nevertheless, if you are experiencing AC issues at your home and looking for an immediate AC Maintenance & Service from a highly qualified, professional company in Kochi,then avail of our Zonal plus  Home Maintenance Package.

This package offers high quality AC Maintenance and Repair Services in Kochi and put your mind at ease and let our expert AC Technicians take care of your issues right away.

Our Zonal plus  Home Maintenance & Repair team have exceptionally trained and certified  AC Technicians that deliver the best quality AC Repair & Maintenance Services for homes across Kochi. Our frequent Air Conditioning Services include:

  • AC Installation Services – We install new AC Units for your home.
  • AC Repair Services – We repair & fix your AC rapidly for all types of AC breakdowns.
  • AC Maintenance Services – We clean and maintain your AC to prevent it from unnecessary faults.

Zonal plus also provides attractive AC Maintenance Packages in Kochi for your home giving you the opportunity to save money and get the best offer with unlimited emergency call outs.

Air Conditioning Services

  • -Cleaning of fan coil and air handling units
  • -Faulty temperature and pressure sensors
  • -Cleaning variable air valves and filters
  • -Loose fittings generating unusual noise or vibration
  • -Faulty fan belts
  • -Dust and sand build-up in fan and motor bearings
  • -Blocked A/C drain outlets
  • -Faulty starter motor, relays or timers
  • -Faulty temperature control thermostat
  • -Dirty or blocked air diffusers and filters


Plumbing is any system that carries liquids for a wide range of functions. The most general uses of plumbing are heating and cooling, waste removal, and potable water delivery; nevertheless, plumbing is not limited to these applications. Plumbing operates pipes, faucets, valves, fixtures and fittings, showers, taps, tanks, and other systems to convey water. Plumbing issues can occur in our home at any time. The plumbing system in your home requires frequent Plumbing Maintenance and conservation. Effective Plumbing Services and maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long term.

If you have any plumbing problems in your home, it is important to contact a professional plumber straightaway even if the issue seems small. A minor leak in a pipe could be a sign of an emergency and it will escalate later if not rectified immediately.implus Home Maintenance have an experienced team of professional plumbers who are ready to give rapid support 24/7. Our best plumbing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include fitting, repairing and maintaining pipes, water pump repair & maintenance, fixing leaked faucets, taps,showers, sink plugs and drain plugs.implus provide 24-hour emergency plumbing and maintenance services in Dubai to fix your plumbing problems, leaking toilet, leaking kitchen sinks instantly with our well-trained plumbing technicians.

We are a leading plumbing company in Kochi for best, emergency plumbing services in Kochi and our plumbers are some of the most experienced in the UAE and routinely perform preventive and reactive plumbing maintenance to systems in thousands of homes each week.We understand common problems that can affect your Plumbing such as:

  • -Blocked WC, drains, showers, sinks
  • -Leaking water in ceiling, walls and floors
  • -Corroded or faulty flexible hoses
  • -Broken fixtures in WC, washbasins and bidets
  • -Faulty mixers taps and gate valves
  • -Blocked or clogged floor waste pipes


Need a flash of colour on your walls or want to tidy up damaged surfaces? For Home Painting services contact us today to arrange a visit. We are a leading home painting company in Kochi for best painting services

Painting Services

Our painting services include

  • – Painting of internal and external walls of villas
  • – Internal painting of apartments
  • – Pergola re-polishing
  • – Road marking
  • – Parking line painting
  • – Spray painting of wooden door
  • – Painting of furniture


Electrical Services

Our electrical maintenance company provide best electrical services in Kochi and our engineering teams are some of the most experienced in Kochi and routinely perform preventative and reactive maintenance to systems in homes across Kochi.We understand common problems that can affect your Electrical systems such as:

Our electrical services include

  • -Defective light fittings
  • -Damaged or burnt out power sockets
  • -Dirty electric panels and distribution boards
  • -Loose electrical connections
  • -Overheating wires and burnt cable insulation
  • -Corroded wires or cables
  • -Short circuits or incorrectly wired earth leakage
  • -Imbalanced power circuits
  • -Abnormal sounds in light fittings

    Has the door come off its hinge? Need to put a shelf up or repair a broken cupboard handle? We have a team of skilled technicians who can come to your home and fix all of your handyman jobs in an instant.

    Carpentry Services

    We provide carpentry services in kochi and our carpentry teams are some of the most experienced in Kochi and routinely perform preventative and reactive maintenance in homes .We understand the common minor repairs that you may need to do around your home such as :

    Our carpentrt services include
    • Broken hinges, latches and handles
    • Resealing minor tile cracks
    • Putting up shelves, mirrors and picture frames
    • Jammed doors or windows
    • Paint scratches or scuffs