New technologies are making so many things possible in homes today. Our little nests are getting greener and smarter, more durable, more functional and , yes , more unique and individual.Here are some of the latest new options for your 21st-century home.

Home automation and connectivity continues to grow by leaps and bounds. One of the favorite new products at this year’s International Builders’ Show (IBS) was the Home Automation Hub. This one device provides a control central for home automation and energy management.

Now homeowners can pair home automation with skylights to allow natural light and fresh air into homes using new control systems . The system monitors CO2, humidity, and temperature, and automatically opens the skylights two- to-three times daily to remove stale, harmful air. The controls are operable by a Smartphone app and It can also read local weather reports and open or close windows or blinds accordingly.

When it comes to flooring, our old friend vinyl has come a long way. New technology in 3D printing perfectly mimics the colors and textures of stone or wood, while advanced coatings provide incredible durability.

One of the hot new products for homes these days isn’t new at all, but it is being used in a whole new way: reclaimed wood — from old barns, warehouses, cabins and factories

The latest buzz in home design is all about adaptability. Homeowners are looking at their use of space differently and builders are responding, not only with more options, but with rooms specifically designed for flexibility. What may function as a formal dining room today can easily morph into a playroom next year and a home office a few years later.

And for enhancing those spaces after the sun goes down, new outdoor lighting technologies offer greater functionality, beauty and energy efficiency. “LED bulbs just keep getting better,” “One thing that’s really trending now are the new bollard lights. These are four-sided fixtures with designs that project decorative patterns onto the pathway.

The pace of advancement in design, materials and systems for the home, inside and out, continues to accelerate. Just in the past decade, the opportunities for automation, energy savings, durability, functionality and creative expression have truly exploded.